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Please hold my senpai’s eggs <3 

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swimmingforthegold said:
Rin rolls around Haru's bed, "Haruuuuu, I'm bored. Entertain me!"




The male peered back at the shark indifferently, his brows hitching upward with amusement. “You look pretty entertained over there..” he murmured quietly but regardless turned and embarked upon the mattress. His weight causing the bedding to creak as he crawled over the shark’s frame, the corners of his lips curling upward into a cheeky grin.

"How can I help you, sharky..?"

            Haruka blinked standing and staring completely oblivious to what the shark had meant, his brows raising with slight concern before observing the teasing display. Haruka had always had a weakness for Rin, clothed or naked he loved the shark and it wasn’t long before the raven was attempting to contain himself as his cheeks warmed in a fluster. “R-Rin..” Haruka stuttered out glancing away before returning back to rest on the semi-nude tease. The following actions remain a blur as Haruka suddenly launched himself at his beloved and tackled him back upon the bed his frame not as tall as the red head but easily overwhelming the other swimmer through unsuspecting force.

          A hand moved to entwine with the sharks as he lay against the clammy chest of the other, his breathing slow as he peered across into the chalk white walls that lined his bedroom, listening intently to the drumming heart beat of Rin Matsuoka. Haruka remained like that embraced with the other, ignoring the heat and sweat that accumulated between the flesh on flesh contact.. because he was happy.

Finally breaking the moment Haruka brought the two of their hands to his lips gently laying a kiss upon each knuckle and finger that belonged to the swimmer. 

-  Blank features, raised eyebrow and confused gazed was just something Rin had to changed when Haru was like that. And of course, a challenged well accepted. Rin made sure to keep his distance as he continued to do his little display, removing one article of clothing at a time…purposely moaning as his used his hands to caress his exposed skin before they moved to work on his pants. But that was as far as he went when he felt himself being tackled onto the bed. Rin let out a surprised yelped as he didn’t expect the other to just go and ruin his teasing, he had a goal in mind, damnit. Oh well at least it got his point across, next time Haru better do this for him some time soon.

    But feeling his lover against him, hugging him tightly and their hands intertwined together wasn’t so bad either. He enjoyed this closeness with the raven haired, feeling their skin touching one another, sharing their body heat and it was just something that they shared when words weren’t needed. He smiled as Haru kissed each finger, his red hues soften when he looked down at him. There were times that his boyfriend would act so clingy and it was adorable, no one got to see this side of him and no one should.

    He let out a soft sigh and closed his eyes, relaxing and cuddling with the other; his free hand went to the back of Haru’s neck, fingers playing with the dark strands there.

    The beach could wait for a few more minutes anyway.

        The dolphin had remained like that listening to the boy’s heart beat religiously as he swept his fingers over the broad chest of the shark. Milky white in comparison to his own tan skin, it drew a smile to the dolphin’s lips as he drew himself upright seated on the lap of his boyfriend. In this position they had done so much but this time it seemed different. Haruka had just wanted to embrace his lover, to hear the swimmer’s heart beat race against his own ear drum and feel the love that belonged to him and to him alone. At times like these Haruka was reminded of the overwhelming feelings he had for the swimmer, this relationship may have started as one sided but it certainly was not like that any more with their relationship becoming a battle of whom loved whom more. It had always been Rin taking the lead with romantic gestures but Haru was the sort to express his love through subtle gestures.. whether it be a smile or an impromptu embrace such as this. Haruka loved Rin and that was that.

Finally the dolphin removed himself from the shark, disappearing from the bedroom to retrieve two sets of towels, his composure back to normal, so much so that he appeared as though nothing had happened even when returning to seat himself at the edge of the bed awaiting the continuation of the shark’s strip show.  

"I love you Rin"

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swimmingforthegold said:
-butterfly kisses all over boyfriend's face- Happy birthday, Haru




Frozen in place the swimmer stared at the other momentarily blankly before launching himself at the shark swimmer, arms lapping around his neck as he pushed his weight against the red head - knocking him back to lay atop.

          Haruka waited at the kitchen table obediently, his hues never leaving the back of his beloved shark as he moved in closer to the table, tucking a strand of black behind his ear as he rested his chin against the palm of his hand. “….Rin, have you paid any thought to.. what you’re going to do if you don’t get scouted?” he asked suddenly, his hues shifting anxiously to the side. 


-  Slender hands moved quickly, Rin was going to make the best meal Haru ever had. He will make sure of that and also all those times he practiced to perfected his special meal for his boyfriend. But then stopped for a moment, hearing the question before sighing. “Of course.” he resumed his task, “Even thou I still plan on going to Olympics, nothing is going to stop me.” Red hues turned towards his dolphin, “Why are your bringing this up? Whats wrong?”


         Embracing the serene moment was apparently not Haruka’s style, this being apparent when the dolphin made an effortless question that had the seemingly humble mood drop to that of concern, make one Haruka Nanase wish he hadn’t bothered with the question in the first place. However, he had promised Rin to always tell him when he became worried over matters and this just one of those times. “I don’t know what I want to do…” he muttered the dolphin finding comfort in raising his hues to meet with the shark’s magenta orbs. “…I just want to be free.. but the career sheet.. says that’s not a liable career..”

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Love Stage: Izumi Sena (Tsubasa Yonaga), Shougo Sena (DAIGOand Ryouma Ichijou (Eguchi Takuya)

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This is beyond not okay. If you ever, ever do this, I will never RP with you, I will never reply to our thread. If you are anxious to get a reply, just ask me nicely about it, I may have forgotten. But do this, and I will literally lose all will to reply to most of my threads. This is ridiculous and extremely rude and I will not tolerate this, ever.

» This. This will never be okay. 

Do not guilt people about threads.
Do not call them names for taking their time.

 Be respectful in order to be respected back. Good for you, Jack-mun on how you’re reacting to this and not letting their idiocy get to you.

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Love stage!! ep.2 

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-Oh vamos… son exactamente iguales xDD!! <3

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Front Crawl (Closed RP with harukafreestylenanase and detective-ryugazaki)



Out of the members on the Iwatobi team Haruka was the hardest to read, but never the less always the one to move first toward a body of water whether it getting caught by Makoto and squirming like a fish out of water however was another thing - that was the only thing transparent about the Iwatobi team vice captain, which is why the next comment to leave his lips would be such a shocker. “Then you can stay at mine until you’re better” The words left Haruka’s mouth without hesitation his expression unchanging as his fingers fell free of the other’s wrist. Haruka blinked turning his attention on the megane curiously, his cheeks becoming flustered as he turned his hues elsewhere to hide the overwhelming feeling bubbling against his lower abdomen.


"…You saved Rin and I, now its my turn to save you.." he muttered, the dolphin’s orbs glancing down at the money quizzically "We’re a team Rei.. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help" he answered slipping the money into his pocket before holding out his hand, again looking away ".. I need to buy something, can we drop past the convienance store?"

Rei blushed hard at the mention of his actions at the last relay, when he gave his spot up for Rin. He didn’t know if Haruka knew about what exactly happened with Rin, that day when he went to confront him, nor was he sure that the dolphin knew what happened that night before the relay, when Rin told him to meet up with him. He blinked and stared at Haruka for a moment, then turned his gaze towards the ground. 


"Of course." The megane held out his wrist, and looked at Haruka again. "You seem to like dragging me around, and-… I can’t say that I mind it so much." He felt his own lips turn into a smile, and he began laughing quietly. Haruka’s cheeks were pinkening, and it brought Rei satisfaction. His senpai was being nice to him- noticing him. It was an incredible feeling. 

To cover his pink dusted cheeks the dolphin lead the megane away without another word, his blue orbs seemingly lighter than usual as the hand that held Rei’s slender wrist dropped to entwine with the butterfly’s palm a gentle squeeze following. It was so unlike Haruka but.. to see Rei so down after all they had been through, it pained the vice captain.

Haruka abandoned the male’s hand as he entered the convenience store, his visit sooner finished than it had begun with the dolphin suddenly appearing before the megane holding out an icy treat tinged blue, his other hand containing one of much the same colour.

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